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"Engineered to Fly, Terror of the Sky"

The history of Squadron 16 is one steeped in both tradition and excellence since its beginnings in 1982. We are one of very few outfits left on the Quad today that has remained in continuous existence since its founding over 30 years ago, which speaks to the level of commitment we have for both our values and our past.

While the current "Falcon Sixteen" as we're known today began in the 80s, our true beginnings are much older. Originally created in 1952 as "Fightin" Squadron 16, we began as one of the more newly created Air Force outfits as a result of the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. During this period, between 1956 and 1964, we served as a “Day-Duck” outfit for those cadets that lived off campus and traveled to the university to conduct corps activities. Also, during this time members of 16 branched off to form Squadron 14 “Flying Jocks” later becoming the E-1 “Jocks”.

A few years later we were renamed Squadron “Sweet” Sixteen in 1972 before becoming the present-day “Falcons”. Since our current roots in 1982, Squadron 16 was known around the Quad to produce superior cadets and embody a family environment with many long-held traditions and a culture of success. Because of this, many people requested to join the outfit and the number of cadets swelled to nearly 100. Due to the size and success of 16, members over the years were asked to branch off and form new outfits which have become many of the names seen around the Quad today including “Talon” Twelve and “Huslin” One.

Since our beginnings, Falcon Sixteen has earned numerous awards and recognition. For a period of many years, the outfit won and maintained the General Moore Award for overall excellence, the Jouine Award for academic excellence, and the Hochmuth Award for military proficiency and standards. As our motto suggests, we were originally designated as a STEM outfit. While we include a variety of different majors today, we have always been committed to molding and producing cadets of character who not only display discipline and honor, but who are also well rounded and loyal to a proud heritage as keepers of the of spirit and guardians of tradition.

As it stands today, once a Falcon, always a Falcon. Over the years, Squadron 16 has produced superior military officers and industry leaders who remain an important part of who we are. From fighter pilots to NASA project managers, Falcons have seen and done it all, and we continue to remain committed to our values and maintain a family environment. In the end, as our seniors cross in front of the reviewing stand as cadets for the last time, one thing can be said about every Falcon who has graduated proudly wearing our shield: we are Aggies committed to our community, state, and nation; we are leaders of character, centered on respect and professionalism; and most importantly we strive to guide those who seek to better themselves through the training, discipline, and traditions that embody the Corps of Cadets.


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