To develop cadets through a purposeful and challenging training environment in order to become successful future leaders in the military, civilian sector, and in their families. Our cadets will embody the core values, be people of character, and strive for excellence in academics, career readiness, physical training, and military standards.



From day one of FOW, Falcons begin developing their military proficiency. Freshmen are trained to march, wire uniforms, memorize information, and perform at the highest level under stressful conditions, along with engaging in strenuous physical training multiple times per week. This intense training develops skills that are not only critical for a successful career in the military, but have been proven to benefit careers in the civilian sector as well. Falcons complete their four years in Squadron Sixteen as physically fit, competent, and disciplined leaders of character.


Sixteen has always been one of the most academically-centered outfits on the Quad. In years past, Falcons have consecutively earned the George P.F. Jouine Award for Academic Excellence and even received the nickname of “Jouine Sixteen.” We prioritize school work above all else and even take time to develop good study habits for the freshmen during their first few weeks. Our Falcons are always ready to help one another, from freshman to senior, to ensure academic success.



Squadron Sixteen continues to boast many STEM focused majors in our outfit. With over 50% of Falcons majoring in engineering through graduation and another 30% majoring in natural sciences, we don’t let anything stop us from reaching our professional goals. One of our priorities in training is developing time-management and organizational skills that are necessary so that our Falcons are prepared to handle the extensive responsibilities that come with being a student and a cadet.


Getting accepted into college is only the first step towards joining the workforce. Squadron Sixteen’s Career Readiness (CR) chain focuses on developing our cadets professionally and familiarizing them with important life skills that are highly sought after by employers. Ultimately, the Corps is a program that is designed to teach cadets leadership and to provide an environment for them to practice, but we take that a step further by dedicating training times to individual development. This includes building resumes, establishing networking profiles, and practicing mock interviews.



Squadron 16 has always placed a strong emphasis on mentorship. Though training and guidance from upperclassmen occurs daily, each freshman and sophomore cadet is assigned a junior or senior counterpart as a formal, one-on-one mentor. These pairs will have a more personal relationship between classes than most other cadets in the Corps get to experience. Mentors will often get permission to miss formation with their mentee and take them out to eat for an evening--a welcome change of pace all around. All of this is designed to ensure the continuous mental and physical safety of every cadet, and continue to make Squadron 16 the most tight-knit outfit on the Quad.


We want athletes! Here in Squadron Sixteen, we like to win! Every semester we vigorously compete in intramural sports to provide recreation and strengthen bonds between our cadets. We also boast an incredibly high participation in Corps Athletic teams, where 8 of our cadets travel around the state to compete against other colleges at a club and varsity level (not mention three team captains from Squadron Sixteen leading them to victory).



Outside of the Corps, cadets use what they’ve learned to help improve other organizations; Falcons represent Squadron Sixteen across the board including Major Unit Staff, Air Force ROTC, Ross Volunteers, Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA), Corps athletic teams, Student Council, Greek life, Freshman Leadership Organizations (FLOs), and various other associations and clubs. These opportunities provide a break from Corps activities and the chance to develop relationships beyond the quad.


Squadron Sixteen has a rich history of tradition that dates back to its founding in 1982. Student Bonfire has held a significant role in our outfit for decades along with Bonfire Cut where our Falcons get to partake in “Good Bull” while gathering materials for the event. We also feature Falcon Ski Club, an annual ski trip to the mountains of New Mexico during winter break, where we hang out, eat food, and ski as long as they'll let us. We strive to maintain strong connections with our roots by hosting various events with our Former Falcons, who in turn provide us insight into our past as well as lessons for our future.



Every semester, Falcons participate in a variety of service activities including Big Event, Kyle Field Cleanup, Wolf Pen Creek Park Cleanup, and fundraising for March of Dimes to name a few. As we continue forward, we plan to extend that service to the Bryan community in many ways including actively donating towards the 12th Can Foundation and reaching out to volunteer at local public schools.

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